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Maintaining Winter Landscapes in Florida

Tips from the expert: Tyree Brown, Manager, Field Services

As the weather changes, it is important to change the way you care for your landscaping in Florida. These are a few tips to maintain your landscape and gardens during these cooler months.

1. Prune trees: Remove dead limbs, limbs over structures and lifting over sidewalks and driveways.

2. Mulch: Since winter time is considered the dry season, mulching is a good idea. This helps to retain moisture in plant beds and tree rings. Mulch also reduces light to weeds and helps eliminate their growth.

3. Water turf and plants lightly: Turf and plant growth slows down in the winter time and they do not require as much water. Many turf types go dormant. Fertilization is not needed during these times and could actually create new growth that could be damaged during a frost or freeze.

4. Cover: Be prepared to cover young, tender plants, smaller Palms and flowering plants when the temperatures get near freezing. Be prepared to bring potted plants indoors in case of cold temperatures.

5. Decor: Be careful with holiday lighting in trees and plant beds. Extension cords can be dangerous. Be careful with pruning when installing lights.

6. Plan: Make a plan for springtime maintenance and planting. Winter is a good time to plant bulbous flowers.

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