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Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

The summer solstice marks the official start of the summer season. With summer in Florida comes higher temperatures, humidity, and lots and lots of rain. It’s essential to take the time to maintain your home this summer and prepare it for the uncertain weather.

So, how can you get your home ready for the summer? Check out these summer maintenance tips for keeping your house cool and comfortable.

indoor maintenance

Schedule a cleaning for your HVAC system.

Ensure that the fan is functioning well, the coils are clean, and there isn’t faulty wiring that could cause a fire. Don’t forget to change your filter.

Get a smart thermostat.

A smart thermostat can help you find the balance between your air conditioning utility bill and the right temperature. These thermostats automatically regulate temperature based on your schedule, using less cooling when you’re at work or asleep. That lets you use more energy to cool your home when needed and less when you won’t notice it.

Don’t forget to switch your fan.

Ceiling fans can play an essential part in keeping your home comfortable year-round. Most ceiling fans can spin in both directions, and you want to switch the spin direction for summer and winter to maximize comfort. In the summer, your fan should spin counterclockwise. This spin promotes circulation and pushes cooler air downward, unlike the updraft movement used to maximize heating during the winter.

Check the insulation.

You can find insulation issues anywhere throughout your house, from your front door to your attic to cracks in your garage door (especially if yours is attached). With higher cooling costs in the summer, now’s a great time to look around and seal up any insulation gaps you may encounter.

outdoor maintenance

Inspect windows and doors.

Keep ants and bugs outside by checking all access points to your house. Small gaps in windows and doors are perfect access points, and Florida insects can creep inside even the smallest hole to cause problems inside your home. Inspect the caulking around the windows and doors, and make sure all outside access points are secure. It can help increase your home’s energy efficiency.

Consider getting your roof inspected.

​Hurricane season is in full swing, and Florida homes could face intense weather conditions and high winds. Preventative maintenance and inspections ensure your roof stays secure all year round, but now is the time to double-check. Fix any small holes or gaps in your roofing to prepare for hurricanes. Verify all roof hatch doors close well and secure any rooftop mechanical equipment with hurricane straps.

Clean out gutters and downspouts.

Summer storms and high winds can deposit debris in your gutters. Even though this is considered a job for spring and fall, if you have several trees around your home, summer is a great time to clean too.

Schedule your annual pool maintenance.

Many Floridians don’t prepare their pool for summer use. With increased time swimming and playing in the water, drains can get clogged quickly and cause problems. Before inviting family and friends, make sure you have serviced the pool.

Pressure wash the exterior.

​Moss and mildew can build up slowly without you ever realizing it until you notice the exterior of your home with a blackish-green tint one day. If you are thinking about selling your home soon, one of the first things buyers see is the exterior. Rent a pressure washer at your local home improvement store or hire a trusted professional.

Trim back any overgrowth.

​Palm tree leaves or shrubs hanging or touching the side of your home can be the perfect entryway for bugs or cause damage to your home during a hurricane. Trim back all plants and bushes at least 3 feet out of the house, and prune any overgrown trees.

Prep the outdoors.

Power wash and reseal your deck. It will help prevent any wood from splitting, graying, or cracking. If you already have a patio set you like, consider giving it a pressure wash or taking the cushions and covers to a local dry cleaner. A quick wash will have these features look like new. To spruce up an outdoor deck even more, consider hanging some lighting or putting up some bug zappers to keep mosquitoes away. Solid, sturdy outdoor rugs can make a great play mat and bring a fresh look and centered feel to any outdoor area.

Get your grill ready.

Take a second to think about it - when was the last time you thoroughly cleaned your grill? If it’s been quite some time or you can’t remember, we’d highly recommend giving your grill a good scrub-down before hosting your next backyard barbeque.

These summer maintenance tips will keep your home cool and comfortable for the dog days of summer.

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