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Association Services

We provide professional licensed portfolio and onsite management for over 160 Homeowners, Condominium and Commercial Property Owners Associations in Florida. Currently those associations’ include over 30,000 units that will ultimately have near 40,000 total units at build out.

Our practice includes the following areas of service

Accounts Payable

Disburse payables as approved by the Association’s board.


Provide all supporting schedules and accurate accounting records to ensure the efficient and timely completion of the audits or reviews performed annually.

Bank Accounts

Maintain association bank accounts.

Assessment Collection

Prepare invoices for annual association assessments, dues, fines or other amounts due to the Association. Track collections and follow up with delinquent notices as needed.

Architectural Control

Approve all exterior renovations, additions or other modifications subject to architectural review.


Coordinate the preparation of the Association’s annual maintenance budget as well as monitor disbursements and expense payments.

Community Inspections

Perform regular inspections of properties to ensure compliance with deed restrictions. Prepare and send violation notices as necessary.


Ensure the Association is in compliance with governing documents and the Florida Statutes.

Emergency Services

Coordinate emergency and after-hours services as necessary to minimize the disruption of normal Association activities.

Title Company Correspondence

Provide amounts of outstanding dues, assessments or liens and provide estoppel information to title companies for individual lot closings.

Meeting Planning

Prepare agendas, meeting materials and all other documents necessary for presentation at regular or special meetings.

Owner Information

Maintain detailed owner information to ensure up-to-date owner information for each property for purposes of billing, violation notices or any other general correspondence.

Records Maintenance

Maintain Association records and files and perform all other administrative functions necessary for efficient Association management.

Tax Preparation

Coordinate the preparation and filing of federal income tax returns.

Financial Statements

Prepare monthly and annual financial statements.

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