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Homeowner Associations

What you need to know.

What are the Governing Documents of an Association?

Property owners associations derive their basic legal authority for their existence, activities, and actions from state statutes (laws) and certain legal documents:

  • Articles of Incorporation

  • Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions

  • By-Laws

  • Rules & Regulations

What are the Articles of Incorporation?
  • Bring the corporation into existence

  • Define the basic purpose and powers of the corporation

  • Indicate there will be a board of directors and may, identify the initial board


What are Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions?

The underlying document of a property owners association, apart from state law, is the Declaration, also referred to as Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CC&Rs). The Declaration is the constitutional law of the association. The Declaration defines the limits and inclusions of ownership for the owners and the association. As a legal entity the association is better prepared to pursue certain business needs, such as entering contracts, raising funds, filing liens, and collecting fees in a foreclosure.
The Declaration may contain:

  • Definitions of the physical elements of the property

  • The method for determining the share of interest in the common area for each property owner

  • A list of the responsibilities for the association and individual owners and permitted uses of common areas and individual units

  • Responsibilities for care of the association and the common areas

  • Restrictions on the use or enjoyment of properties in the association and common areas


What are Bylaws?

The Declaration forms the constitutional foundation of the association; Bylaws define the laws and operating procedures of the association. Bylaws detail the framework for governing the association that is authorized in the Declaration. They address the association's structure, the board, the officers, definition of a quorum, ability to enter into contracts, etc. Bylaws provide reliable guidance for board members at meetings in addition to:

  • Requirements of membership meetings

  • Voting rights of property owners

  • Procedures for electing the board of directors

  • Procedures for the board of directors to elect officers

  • General powers and duties of the board


What are Rules & Regulations?

Rules and regulations are the operational and behavioral laws that apply directly to association residents and their guest. They state acceptable and/or unacceptable conduct for all Owners, their guests, visitors and renters. Rules and regulations may generate conflict between the board and the owner(s) since they may provide restrictions regarding noise, pets, use of the property or common areas, and fining procedures, however, good rules serve the interests of the entire association and protect the common areas.

Stay in the know and head over to the Community Insights blog to enjoy articles and other educational resources.


Q. How do I receive my bill information to make my first assessment payment?​

Your coupon book will be ordered once we receive the paperwork from the title company. You should expect it within two weeks of receiving your welcome package. It will provide your assessment payment, the frequency, and the ways you will be able to pay your assessments (i.e. online, by mail, automatic payments). If you have paid your dues through the end of the year at closing, you will not receive your coupon book until it is generated for the following year.

Q. Can I pay my assessments online?

Yes! Once you are logged into the Vantaca Portal, select the “Make a Payment” button to be directed to the payment processing service.


Q. Why can't I log into the portal?

If you have just closed on your home, it can take a few weeks to receive your deed and paperwork from the title company. You cannot request a portal login until we have received this paperwork and processed you in the system. You can request a portal login once you have received your welcome letter from Rizzetta. If you do not receive a welcome letter within 2-3 weeks after closing, please contact your title company to ensure they have sent your paperwork and monies to the management company.

Q. Where do I get my amenity access key fobs?

You can contact us using the contact form on our website and we will have the appropriate team member reach out and assist you.

Q. Can I set up auto payments for my annual, monthly or quarterly dues?

Yes! Your bill pay number, serial account number, and unit number will be listed in your coupon book. When you receive it, you can use the link at the top of our website, type these numbers in, and choose the option to set up auto pay. Please note that this only is effective for future dues, and you should keep an eye on your account regularly, as if assessments change it will still only pull the amount you agreed to.

Q. I want to fence in my property. Do I have to get permission?

Yes! Your association's Architectural Review Committee (ARC) reviews and approves new building and exterior remodeling (such as satellite dishes, storm door installations, decks, fences and patios) of homes in your community to ensure compliance with the community's standards. Anyone desiring to undertake such a project, for example a fence, must submit a written request to the ARC for approval before any work begins.


Log into the portal and click the tab that reads "ARC Request" and fill in the details of your request, including the property address, a detailed description of the work to be done, and estimated start & end dates for the project. Download the association forms included as PDFs. Complete the forms entirely and upload them back into the association portal using the “Upload” button. Attach any additional relevant forms or documents at this time.


Following this procedure will ensure consistent and fair ARC enforcement, protect the interest of all residents and possibly save the individual homeowner a lot of time, money, and aggravation.

Q. Why do I have to comply with the Bylaws and Architectural Review Committee Guidelines?

Purchasing a property with an HOA represents your legally-binding agreement to abide by the HOA Bylaws and the Architectural Review Committee Guidelines. The intent of the regulations is to ensure that property values and quality of life in the community remain desirable.

Q. I submitted an ARC request but I haven't heard back. How do I know if it has been approved?

You can check the status of your request in the association portal. Please note that it can take up to a few weeks for your architectural committee to review your request.

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Association Portal

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