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Aquatics Inspection Services

Our Aquatics Inspection division provides a layered testing and quality control systems, using the latest and most comprehensive industry standards. Each of our Aquatic Inspection Specialists is a certified Aquatic Weed Spray Technician in the state of Florida.

Aquatics Maintenance Inspections

Perform visual waterway and body of water inspections, provide the client with inspection report, notify maintenance contractor about deficiencies in service and obtain proposals for aquatic projects.

Community Education

Events to provide the latest research and developments in Aquatic Sciences and provide a knowledge base for the residents.

Aquatics Specification Development

Develop a request for proposal (RFP) document to include a customized set of standards and specifications based on the client’s needs and budget. Conduct the bidding process, review and prepare a bid tabulation document for the client. Assist the client with reviewing the bid tabulation and other pertinent information.

Pond and Waterway
Turnover Inspections

Attend property turnover meeting and participate in the inspection on behalf of the client. Follow up report provided.

Community Asset
Management Plan

Perform a complete inventory of the community aquatic assets and provide an inventory report to client

Master Task Project Plan for Mature Communities

Develop a project plan specific to long-term enhancements and maintenance for the community’s waterways and bodies of water. Emphasis is on long-term health and efficiency of the waterflow systems in the community and efficient budgeting.

What Our Clients Say

Garden Waterfall
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Sidney G.

"Excellent customer service, friendly and accommodating"
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